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Our Story......

The family has been making maple syrup as a hobby since 1975, starting with a wash tub and an open pit campfire. Each year the hobby became larger and larger with minor improvements along the way. It all starts with one piece of equipment that would grow many times over.

Smokey Hollow Maple Syrup business started in 1986.  

Our goal was to produce a high quality, sweet natural product.  Today we have advanced into a high tech operation that includes a small unit, but high tech with a Steamaway and a Reverse Osmosis system.  We have some trees tapped using metel buckets as well as plastic lines on a vacuum systems. Then the sap is deliever to the sugar house.  After arriving to the sugar house, the sap is boil to a high temperature that is turned into a high quality, sweet tasting100% maple syrup.  

We Continue expand our products beyone Maple Syrup. Try our sweet other products made with Pure New Your Maple Syrup